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For hundreds of years Sindiyana was a peaceful village located on the green hills in the southern part of the Carmel. On May 12th 1948 Irgun forces stormed the village which was prepared to make a peacefully surrender, expelling its inhabitants and pillaging their property. This project aims to learn more about the life in Sindiyana before 1948, about the ethnic cleansing during the Israeli-Arab 1948 war, and the lives of its refugees since.
Sindiyana area, 1946

I've written about Sindiyana before: The first post was The story of the attack - testimonies of the Irgun commanders involved in the attack and deportation, and a Journey to Sindiyana - how I found the village (links lead to articles in Hebrew). The currently available information about the village is scarce: Zochrot, the excellent Israeli project which aims to educate Israelis about the Nakba, has only summary information gathered from the usual sources (Morris, Khalidi). Palestine Remembered has a little more, and a photo on their site shows a group visiting the ruins, but real information, other than statistical and geographical data, is still lacking.


In this project I'd like to gather testimonies, photographs, documents and anything else that can shed more light on the lives of the people of Sindiyana. I want to do this so that they may not be forgotten, and maybe some day will obtain justice and return to their land.

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